Pomelo was conceived by Ken and Lucia Schnitzer and Jerry Mansoor, the team behind Luci’s Healthy Marketplace, and it reflects their deeply-held values of family and community. Located in the heart of Phoenix’s North Central neighborhood, Pomelo hires local suppliers, uses homegrown ingredients, and is proud to be part of a warm, friendly and close-knit community.

Located on the site of a historic citrus farm, Pomelo offers an upscale, easygoing experience and classic American food, with an Arizona twist.

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Pomelo is a place for delicious, straightforward American food and drinks, with an Arizona twist. We pay attention to the details and use homegrown ingredients to create simple, traditional food with a bit of gourmet flair.

Refined. Relaxed. Homegrown.

Unwind with us.

We know the beginning of the week is tough. Enjoy a pizza and a bottle of wine every Monday & Tuesday for only $25!

Start your weekend right.

Join us for brunch every Saturday & Sunday from 10am – 3pm.

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Thanks for being a part of our family.